Who Is Jim?

Well, that's an excellent question, and you've come to the right place to find the answer.

This "Jim," as he is known to his personal network of peers, or James Lesko, as he is known to the government and several billing agencies, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It is rumored he recieved his BS in Computer Science, although originally he was planning to have the Astronomy Department grant him his degree. Go figure.

Sources indicate that J. Lesko is a member of both The Planetary Society and the Mars Society, reflecting his interest in the universe beyond our own fragile sphere. Another interest of J. Lesko's is the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is thought that J. Lesko would ultimately be happy if only he could live on either the moon or Mars, although he would be perfectly content to simply help write AI code for next-generation robotic spacecraft. He has dabbled in the field, having taken some AI-related courses in Neural Networks and Genetic Programming.

Jim currently resides in Alameda, a fine city in the San Francisco Bay Area. What does he do with his time? Well, rumor has it he's working at some sort of cushy programming-type job with an e-logistics type online service for the transportation industry.

Happily for the legions of ladies in the Bay Area, James is a single man. Let your imaginations run wild.

ha ha.

...or you will have to rub mild salsa under your arms. fnord.