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The classic precursor to today's empire building games and my first (and currently only!) KVM spotlet.

I've played Hammurabi since the early days of the TRS-80; it was one of the few games that could successfully be converted to the Tandy PC-4 pocket computer I later owned, which provided only a single line of text roughly 30 charancters long to interact with the user.  Now that I've got a new "pocket computer," one that happens to run Java, I figured it was time to move the game to yet another platform.

I used the Rumors spotlet as the basis of the UI for Hammurabi; the game code was copied from a C version of the game that seemed to be close to the original.

Note: There have been difficulties reported when trying to run this software on Handspring's Visor. The nature of the difficulties apparently lies in the KVM and not in this particular app; if you have a Visor you might want to defer installing this or other KVM apps until Sun releases a KVM that's been tested on the Visor.

Make sure you download the version of Hammurabi that matches the KVM you're using; not doing so will result in problems on your Palm, potentially including the need to perform a reset. Thanks to Blake Winton for making the changes necessary for Hammurabi to compile under the EA2 KVM!

(You may have to "Save Link As..." to get these.)

JavaOne KVM: EA 0.2 KVM: Beta (CLDC) KVM:
Source code: Hammurabi.java Hammurabi.java Hammurabi.java
Palm PRC file: Hammurabi.zip Hammurabi.zip Hammurabi.zip
(release independant)

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